A guide to being a good coach

« Education is not the preparation for life, education is life itself. », John Dewey

Welcome to eGG-one school, dear coach!

Here's a guide on good coaching practices inspired by advice from both students and coaches with at least one year's activity.

It makes for a good read.

Price guide

You are free to choose whatever price you like and change it at any given moment. However, it is necessary to set your price intelligently with respect to the “market” (other coaches), your level of experience and when you are available. For video games, the average works out at around $25 per hour, which is reasonable given your potential client base (usually young) and ensures you a decent income (don't forget that you will save on travel costs etc.). The minimum allowed price is $15/hour for practical reasons (Paypal fees are included in our commission and are therefore handled by eGG-one school).

It is inadvisable that you change your price too often, as this will irritate your students and make them less loyal to you.

Finally, promotional offers (buy one get one free for example) are to be used sparingly. In effect, giving away too many of these offers will result in a depreciation in the value of your lessons without you necessarily selling more of them (perhaps with the exception of short-term lesson sales) to make up for the deficit.

To set your price, all you have to do is click on Edit in your profile.


Security period

The security period is a time lapse during which the student cannot book before the lesson start time. This prevents you from receiving a booking at the very last moment. It is strongly advised to set a security period of at least a few hours in order to miss as few lessons as possible. An absent coach causes unsatisfied students and eGG-one school's priority is, before all else, the satisfaction of our students.

Having said that, a large proportion of coaching lessons are booked shortly before the start time, so don't set too long a security period either if you don't want to miss out on lessons, and pay attention to your emails ;) We have also put in place an automated dispute management system (in case of missed coaching lessons), which will give warnings to coaches that miss too many lessons.

To set a security period, click on My account.

security period

Using Shoutouts

We have put in place a method of expression for coaches that will appear on the front page of eGG-one school and equally at the top of their coach's profile: the Shoutout.

This function is, above all else, a means for sharing your news in a few words and promoting yourself. You can give information about your competitions or your stream or whatever else springs to mind. It will be shown on your thumbnail in the search page!

You can also use Shoutouts (without going too far) to promote your promotions of the moment on the website's homepage. For the moment, you can send one Shoutout every three days, although over time it is probable that there will be other limits according to your coaching performance.

Attention: Shoutouts are limited to 100 characters! Use them wisely.

Send a Shoutout:

shout out

Gift tokens

An eGG-one school user has the possibility to offer one or more hours of coaching lessons to their friends and family using gift tokens. Its a practice that's becoming more and more recurrent, notably during festive periods.

If this is the case, you will receive a message informing you that one or more gift tokens have been sold for lessons with you. You will be able to select when you are available so that the lucky recipient of the tokens can use their gift. The gift token is valid for one year from the time of purchase. Don't forget to select when you are available as quickly as possible after somebody purchases one of your gift tokens.

Select your availability

Your availability on your calendar allows the student to book the coaching lessons for chosen time slots. As soon as a student books a lesson, you make a commitment to be present for the start time in order to give the lesson.

There are two ways in which you can select when you are available:
1/ Directly on your calendar (In My calendar in the top right menu). You just need to click on the hours you wish to choose.


2/ Set recurring availability (for example: every Sunday evening from 18:00 to 20:00). This function allows you to set fixed times in order to better organize your timetable.


Of course, it is just as easy to remove available time slots by clicking on them and then selecting “delete”.

If a student has already booked a lesson and you cannot honor the commitment, you will need to contact the student as soon as possible in order to agree on an alternative time.

In the event of a dispute

If you miss a coaching lesson, the best solution is to get in touch with the student as soon as possible and agree between yourselves an alternative date to postpone the lesson.

However, if you cannot agree on an alternative time, the student will have 48 hours in which they can contest the lesson. If they contest, you will receive a message from the eGG-one school admin asking you whether the lesson took place or not (you will be given 72 hours to respond). The eGG-one school team will investigate the dispute which will be resolved a maximum of 72 hours after it was started.

If the dispute is confirmed, there are several possibilities:
- either the student will request one or more tokens allowing them to retakes the lesson(s) with you that they missed,
- they will exchange their hour(s) with another coach of their choice,
- or they will be refunded.

Before, during and after the lesson

Before the lesson

Test your communication tools hardware and software (internet connection, Skype microphone, your account for the game in question, screen sharing facility, etc...) before the start of a coaching lesson. If conditions are unacceptable, contact the students to postpone the lesson. Under no circumstances is it acceptable for you be accused of communication problems.

Don't hesitate to get in touch as soon as the lesson has been booked (add Skype contact etc...). Waste as little time as possible during the coaching lesson.

When they book one of your lessons, students will be given a field in which they can add their expectations. You will receive this information by email at the time of the booking and you will find this information on the “Lesson details” page (magnifying glass icon) on our website. Read this text and think about how you are going to conduct your lesson.

If this text hasn't been filled out, make a start on the lesson quickly according to the student's level, their profile etc.Don't wait until the lesson has started to find out more about your student.

In order to give an effective coaching lesson, all methods are acceptable. Don't forget: you are the experts in your field, you are there to share your passion. The students will be grateful to you whatever method you employ.

You can also suggest a program for a limited number of lessons in order to reassure students and persuade them to take more lessons with you.

For example: “I suggest three sessions, one per week: the first will be dedicated to discovering the race; the second will be an introduction to macro-management and the last an introduction to micro-management.”

As you get used to giving lessons, you will adapt to optimizing the content given over one hour so that your lessons become more and more interesting. You may want to give this point some consideration.

During the lesson

Be patient and educational. The students won't all be of the same level, you will be teaching some of them from scratch. Your job is to adapt to their level, they will appreciate all the information that you can share with them.

Don't hesitate to take the reins when communication is timid, it's your job to lead the conversation. When students have no idea what they would like to do, you must make the decisions, always with the students' agreement of course.

At the start of the lesson, gauge whether or not your student is likely to take several lessons with you. That will help you to better divide your tasks over the lessons.

At the end of the lesson, suggest to your student that they leave a comment on your profile. This will consolidate your profile and will attract other students. You can also plan your next lesson should it seem appropriate to do so.

Spend the last few minutes of your lesson summarizing what you have learned during the hour. Remind them of your advice and set homework.

Taking notes during the lesson can turn out to be very useful in helping you not to forget anything.

Why not send them a summary after the lesson? Get on well with them!

After the lesson

Answer your students' questions even after the lesson has finished to guarantee an “after sales service”.

If you have taken notes during the lesson, don't forget to give them to your students.

Keep a written copy of the impressions and homework that you were able to give to your students. For the next coaching lesson, you can start by showing them how you are following their progress. Student's need a sense of continuity over the course of their lessons.

Saving the students' details (Skype, etc.) will allow you to save time for the next lesson.

Don't hesitate to catch up with your old students in order to get them going again.

Don't hesitate to direct students to more adequate teachers when you no longer meet their needs.


You can consult your lessons and your invoices in the Manage finances section on the top right menu. You will be able to see your lesson history and their status. Note that a lesson can only be paid for after the student's withdrawal period has finished (i.e. 48 hours).

In order to receive payment, all you have to do is validate the invoice by clicking on Pay me. Our team will do everything they can to pay you as soon as possible.

NB: you are allowed to click the “Pay me” button as often as you like as long as it amounts to reasonable use (once every two weeks is reasonable). Each payment costs us time so please don't click on the button after ever lesson you give so that we aren't forced to limit the use of this button (to once a month for example)!


Once you have validated an invoice, you are committed to verifying the information it contains. You cannot change the invoice afterward.

The piggy bank 

As a coach, you will see a pretty little golden pig on your welcome page. It shows you the total you have earned since the start and the amount you have yet to be paid.

It isn't automatically updated! After each lesson, you need to click on the piggy bank to add the previous lesson! We hope the noise of the piggy bank and the funny animation will bring a bit of fun to managing your earnings :)

piggy bank

How to attract and retain new students

eGG-one school does everything it can to give you as many students as possible. On the one hand, we spend a considerable budget on Youtube and Facebook marketing, but also through various partners (Fureur, Lookatstream, etc.).

However, the best promoters for coaching are the coaches themselves. Your Facebook pages, vos streams, VODs or articles about you. Every means of communication you have at your disposition can be useful in selling coaching lessons (statistically the most powerful means of selling more lessons is the video, whether live or pre-recorded).

For coaches that stream or produce VODs, we have put at your disposition an eGG-one school badge that you can display permanently on your video stream.


Upon your request, it will be possible to organize competitions on Facebook which will attract thousands of fans. We advise our young coaches to offer a free introductory lesson in order to get started with some positive reviews for their profile. Be careful not to offer too many free lessons as statistics show that students having taken free lessons are unlikely to take paid lessons.

We regularly organize coaching events for coaches and students to meet each other in “real life”. To take part in these events, you'll need to get in touch with a member of the eGG-one school admin. This type of even is a a real bonus and shows the students that you're serious and motivated.


It's a pleasure to have you on board. You are now part of the eGG-one school family.

Every lesson you give and every time you share your passion with your student, you are also contributing to the image of our website. We will keep you informed of site developments and news via a regular newsletter, specially created for you, and we are always available on Skype, on the website or by email (even by telephone in extreme cases) to respond to all your questions, doubts or inquiries.

Thank you for choosing us!
It's a pleasure to have you on eGG-one school and we wish you good luck with your coaching :)