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Hey guys!

My name is Jamon "RaptorDaRaptor" Moretz and I'm here to help out people that need coaching. I'm currently a full-time streamer but I used to play for a team called Team Ka'Razi, an upcoming organisation that was focussed on the professional part of eSports, where I took the role as a Team Captain and an In-game Leader. With the experience I've gathered over the past one and a half years of full-time gaming I believe that I can teach anyone something that might give them the edge over the opponent. 

Coaching is something I love to do as it gives me the opportunity to give something back, help those who want professional help and guide those who don't know where to start or how to finish. If you want to get coached by me, you'll have to book your lesson at least 12 hours before the actual lesson. In case you really want to have a lesson as soon as possible (within 12 hours) it would be best for you to send me a private message and ask me when I'm available. I can't respond to any messages during streaming but you can always come to my stream and ask me in chat.

Yours sincerely,

Jamon "RaptorDaRaptor" Moretz

Typical Lesson Plan

A typical lesson plan would be like this:

Together we will hop onto a private server and you can ask me about anything you want. If this means you want me to review your tactics then we'll do that. If you want me to help you getting started with your aim then I'll give you a document and I'll follow you up over a period of time. But next to all of this I'm also open for reviewing demo's and providing you a full coverage of the mistakes made in that demo.

All of my lessons are open and can go anywhere. A lesson will only be finished as soon as you feel ready to grow as a player on your own again. 

List of Achievements

  • ESL 1on1 AIM Weekly Cup #1
  • CyberLeague CyberOffensive 1on1 #2
  • GameFaceLeague Wednesday Cup #66
  • GameFaceLeague Thursday Cup #19

Very positive minded crazy-ass stream.

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