“Grand Master. Top ~50 MMR in most seasons”

IMPORTANT: Currently on a break from HOTS for school. If you have left over hours from packages, message me and we figure out the remaining times or just wait for later part of this year when I have more time.

Who am I?

My names is Petri "Dribo" Vänni and I am a 25 year old student from Finland studying biology. My moba history started from League of Legends where I achieved Challenger rank back in season 4 after playing LoL for several years. I got interested from HOTS because of nostalgic Warcraft and Diablo franchise heroes and because of interesting hero mechanics, like The Lost Vikings that were missing from LoL. In HOTS I am high MMR Grand Master and I play HOTS daily in HL/TL and sometimes in scrims.

My hotslogs profile: (


Why take coaching in HOTS?

1) Knowledge is power

I have noticed that coaching can be effective in HOTS because of how knowledge based the learning is compared to other mechanics based mobas (DOTA/LoL). I myself have gathered my information purely by playing the game thousands of hours and watched others play the game for thousands of hours. I also usually end up reading about HOTS from reddit every moment I can with my phone. Everyone is not that interested in HOTS but want to improve. This way can be ineffective if the observer doesn't look at the information correctly. Coaching is a much more effective way of learning the correct information about the game.

I have strong opinions on plays and usually try to shotcall even on HL. You dont have to have good mechanical skills to reach high ranking on HOTS. What is important is the so called "macro-knowledge", where you need to know what is your role in the current game and what hero to draft/ban in hero select. Because of this reason it is much easier to coach in this game than in other mobas.

2) You might not see your own mistakes

People have used coaching in sports for centuries. It has been proven to be a good way to improve in the specific area you want to improve on. The advantage us esports coaches have over sport coaches is that we have a lot more data of our clients. We have thousands of replays in the game client that can be analyzed and third party website that can be used to see invaluable statistics of your matches and playstyle. The most important reason why coaching is effective is that people do not see their own mistakes that often. It is much easier to blame the team than blame yourself.

"You are in a different region, can you still coach me?"

I can coach people from every region. Watching replays doesn't care about latency. Only thing that is hard about this configuration is that you need to find suitable times from my calendar. 

Current university studies keep me busy during the week. I have only saturday and sunday open in my calendar with 12 hours to choose from in each day.

Typical Lesson Plan

IMPORTANT: You need to have played HL games in the patch the lesson is scheduled to happen. The in-game replay tool won't allow group viewings of games from old patches.

-Discuss your heropool.

-Discuss your weaknesses and areas you want to improve.

-Go over hypothetical drafting situations I have prepared.

-Go over drafting strategies (countering and synergy with own team)

-Watch replays you have chosen and analyse them.

 We can also play unranked draft games if you are really new to this game. This way I can actually directly show you the strategies involved in the maps we play.

List of Achievements

  • Go4Heroes Europe Cup #111
  • Challenger in LoL before HOTS
  • 4k MMR preseason

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