How to fill out your coach profile

In order to attract as many students as possible, your profile must be as complete as possible. As far as the written sections are concerned, such as the Description and the Typical lesson plan, it is essential that you write without making spelling mistakes and space out your text. Your profile will become a lot more pleasant to browse.

A tidy and regularly updated profile is a gauge of your seriousness and professionalism. Its exactly what your students will be expecting for this type of service.


It is possible to fill out the details relating to your coaching domain by clicking on My applications in the top right hand side menu.


The profile picture is a determining factor in a student's choice of coach and they will very quickly form an opinion of you. Opt for a photo of you smiling or at least a photo in which your face is clearly visible. Why not upload a photo of you in a gaming environment.

According to the game, your specialty can change. Race for SC2, post for LoL and Dota2 or role for CS:GO.

Note for SC2 coaches: when entering your pseudonym and Bnet code, the system will automatically find your league. If the system doesn't correctly update your details, check that your pseudonym is correctly spelled (case sensitive) and, if it still doesn’t work, contact the eGG-one school admin.


The description is crucial. It is, along with your profile picture, one of the first means by which potential students can ge to know you better. In order to go beyond virtual acquaintance, it is advised that you present yourself personally (name, surname, age, studies, profession) then describe your experience in your coaching domain. The objective is to portray your passion in order to make students want to get in touch with you.

Don't hesitate to use all of the text editing tools to decorate your description but be careful not to go over the top. Favor simple and well spaced-out text over a long and decorated discourse.

Typical lesson plan

Its in this section that you will really make students want to take coaching lessons with you. Describe the way in which you will prepare the lesson (replay analysis, taking into consideration the students specific requests, etc.),how you will give the lesson and the following up afterward.

Try to guess the expectations of students paying for the most complete as possible service and answer these expectations!


VoDs allow the student to see that you're active in your domain. It's their opportunity to see you in action ! It is therefore strongly advised that you select these videos with the greatest of care. Videos of your finest games or those showing you coaching are the most effective.

You can place them in order of preference by clicking on the arrows.