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“The best way to learn all bottom lane tactics. Money back if you won't be satisfied!!”


My name is Michal Skowron and I am 29 years old. I am working as a Java Programmer, but my goal is to live from coaching and streaming. I started playing League at the end of season two. I main adc. I finished season 5 with Master border, but my best was 495 lp (~60th place) in Challenger on EUNE. In season 6 and 7 my best was Diamond 1 on EUW. You can find more information on my stream page:

Typical Lesson Plan

Before the lesson:

Please send me your summoner name with a server name. The lesson is based on replay analysis and answering questions. Please specify your goals, expectations, problems and questions. Additionaly I would like you to provide me a download link to your replays (or send them via email, whatever suits you best). It would be great if you provide me replays from differently paced games - when you were winning, loosing and when the game was equal.

During the lesson:

  1. We will talk about goals, expectations, problems and questions you provided. 
  2. According to the info you provided we may focus on different parts of the game, but generally we will watch replays together. I will be pausing and explaining everything you can improve. Watching first replay will usually take several lessons, because I will have to make sure that not only you will remember the tactics but also understand why they are good.
  3. As an addition to replay analysis you can share me your screen while playing. This is only possible if you have a good internet connection.
  4. If you wish, I can record whole session, so you can watch it after the lesson to consolidate the knowledge.


Usually playing ranked soloq.

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