Experience gained along 10 years of playing the game.
I will do everything in my power to help you improve and rank up the ladder.

All lessons are tailored to the needs of each client. I will adapt and construct a learning curve that fits YOUR needs and make sure you end the lesson satisfied and with a better understanding of the game.

Some reviews of my clients :

voxbono " I must say! An excellent, patient and friendly coach. I am as newbie as it gets. And this guy totally understood what I needed to know. Thank you! "

danieldegorter "This guy really cares about what his clients need and tries everything to help you."

cloudoverwood "To be simple: the best coach I had so far! I promise you will feel the same. He made me feel I had so much I could improve; and I was confident I would because he explained in detail how to improve and why that way! I was amazed by Zadarkus’s expert knowledge of this game, and his willingness to explain them to me in our very first session. He was so focused on analyzing my weakness and my play style that he forgot about his session time. We talked for more than three hours for a two-hour session. Also, he loves this game! He asked my permission to post a snippet of our lecture to Youtube; that way, people who can not afford coaching can still gain some knowledge."

L2Hiku "(...)I know that there is no better coach than Zadarkus, and here's why: My experience was everything that I hoped for and I learned a lot. He was very knowledgeable and respectful. He made sure that the lesson was catered to ME, and took the time to get to know me as a person, which helps with both the lesson and the overall experience. Periodically throughout the lesson he would ask if I had any questions, and if the lesson was up to my expectations (The answer was always yes lol). He wanted to make sure that I got everything that I wanted from my time with him, which is exactly what happene

Whenever I did randomly have questions, he made sure to answer them perfectly, no matter what the question was. His way of teaching is so clear and his attention to detail is unmatched. Everything he said to me, I learned from it. There was never a time he was teaching me and I didn't understand what he was trying to convey.

All in all, we had a lot of fun! He made me laugh a lot and I cant wait for our next lesson. :)

Saying that I would recommend him is an understatement, he is the best coach on this site hands down, and it only takes one lesson to realize that. "

List of Achievements

  • 10 years experience as a player, coach and educational Youtube content creator.
  • One of the oldschool Coaches and Guide Content creator, even, one of the first.
  • 1st place in many competitons sponsored by Riot. Adding knowledge of competitive team dynamics.
  • Former Multigaming Competitive Player

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