“I am a French top elo AD Carry from EUWest”

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About me

    Hi, my name is Julien, I'm a French 20 years old coach of League of Legends. I work in a tutoring center to help kids of primary/middle school to do their homeworks and making them more independant.

    I am a coach since September 2014, and I worked as an analyst in different teams from Gold level to Diamond 1/Master tier.

    I obtained a diploma in Psychology in 2011, then I decided to study drama because the subjects of study are very close from each other. I've had the occasion to work with several coachs (on eGG-one, yes!) and directors (from drama). My pedagogy has directly been influenced by these experiences.


My experience as a coach

    I play to League of Legends since February 2012 mostly as an AD Carry, AP Carry and Jungler, and decided to become an analyst/coach after experimenting the game in its whole. To me, there's no need to have stunning mechanics to climb into the ladder ranking.

   I have more than 150 hours of coaching (they come from another coaching website), with more than about forty different students, from Bronze to Master tier. I also coached two teams, from Gold to D1/Master.

My work as a coach

    My goal as a coach is to provide you the tools that will allow you to optimize your gameplay, and to help you get focused on the principles that will lead your team to victory.

     I do specific coaching for every student. It is very easy for me to adapt to each individuality because this is what I learnt to do in Psychology. In my opinion, this is the best learning method, in order to bring results over the long term.

What do we do in an hour with me ?

    First of all, I'll make you fill a survey that takes about 10 minutes before the coaching session. As I said above, I adapt my coaching to each student, that's why I need to know more from you in order to understand what you're going through.

     A Skype conversation (using a microphone) is required to begin the coaching session.

There are different types of coaching possible with me :

  • Live-coaching : If you're able to livestream (twitch, hitbox, etc.), you will receive live indications and advices in-game in order to learn the principles and rules to win more ! These advices will help you reproduce the correct thought processes in the future. A lesson not missing in action !
  • Replay analysis/Spectator coaching : In this session, I'll then ask for a replay (sent or uploaded via e-mail or YouTube), or to be able to spectate one of your games. We'll then use screen-share on Skype to proceed to the analysis of that given game. An ideal session to spot mistakes and analyze the flow of one's games in depth.
  • Duo coaching (only possible in EUW) : You will so be able to take example on the coach in the middle of the action, because we will both play in ranked game. It will be possible to watch the way I optimize my game and use the core principles to win a ranked game. Enough to improve your shotcalling and decision making ! Also, during the session, we'll go over your gameplay in general and examine your biggest in-game mistakes.
  • Individual vocal session : A session based only on the player's profile, you'll then be free to ask any questions about the game, about your difficulties and your gameplay, but we'll go over it vocally and theoretically. We will analyze your runes, masteries and itemization if necessary. This is also the optimal type of session to discuss theorycrafting, in-game optimization and role or even champion mastery. If your problems don't come from gameplay (or not only), I will help you surpass your emotional and psychological issues in a methodical and, let's hope, enjoyable fashion.
  • Match-up practice (1v1)/Lane management : A session based on one or maybe more champions during the laning phase. We will go over the different match-ups and the behaviour to have in a 1 versus 1 scenario to help you win your lane. Furthermore, we will examine your global lane management. If you have a tendancy to lose your lane, this session is made for you !
  • Team coaching : For each student added, we raise up the price per hour by 50%, which means : Coaching for Two : 9€ per hour/person (18€ total) ; Team coaching (5 people) : 7€ per hour/person (35€), 5€ per hour/person (35€) for a pack of 5 hours.

    It's not possible to see and to talk about everything in an hour, this is why I'll give you a long-term objective and some resources at the end of each coaching sessions.

What is that different between me and the others ?

    I can humbly coach every role and discuss every aspect of the game to a very deep level of knowledge and forward thinking (Diamond 1/Master).

    If you don't know what to do to improve, my teaching methods are very efficient and will help you climb the ladder with pentakills and perfectly executed plays !

    On a serious note though, I invite you to contact me if you think you don't master your training methods, your in-game decision making or if your game is too inconsistent. I'll make you become a stable, reliable player in which any team could count on.

List of Achievements

  • 4th HF Lan #7 (Paris) - Amateur bracket
  • 2nd HF Lan #8 (Paris) - Amateur bracket
  • 2nd Go4FR LoL #525
Last connection: Jan 26, 2020
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