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“Good player, great coach!”

Oh Hello there.

My name is Marius "eShark Eisi" and I'm a semi-professional support player from Switzerland. I'm 23 years old and I play this game since beginning of Season 2.

I am currently playing my solo-queue games in diamond (my peak so far was Diamond 1 with 0 points. My squad the eSharks usually performs very well at lans in Switzerland (top 1-2) and we play some teamranked at Platin 1 level.


Now the important question: Why should you choose me as your Coach?

For one: sharks are dangerous animals and you should better do what they say and a shark with an eisiplosion on top of it is too much for many =).

Just kidding, here are some actual reasons:

  • I understand your problems. As I started LoL and first hit 30 I was not a good player. I hopped straight into ranked and found myself around 950 elo after a couple games. I then proceeded to cry about "Elo Hell" and about how "unfair" the the system was and so on. However someday I realized that this all was bullshit, changed my attitude and managed to raise from 1000 Elo to 2.2k in less than a year.
  • My language skills are great. German is my native language and my English is on a near native level.
  • I can teach you more than just the game, I can teach you to win,  how to be succesful in solo-queue, a place where it depends 60% on your skills and 40% on your attitude.
  • Last but not least we will look into technical playing and actual raw facts and how you can find the so called "secret strats" and "hidden op" yourself in the future

So I hope I'll see you soon! Until then: gl hf.


Small note for NA players: I can give lessons to you perfectly fine by analysing your play, watching your replays, watching your stream. The only thing we cannot do is play together since i'm located on the eu servers.

Typical Lesson Plan

So still you might ask yourself:"How will we spend this magical time together then?

Well well well, this depends of course on how much time we have.

60 minutes:

We'll start off by discussing your runes and masteries, not just what you should take, also why you should take it.

Then we'll discuss your picks, what's good about them , what's bad about them. What to change in which situation.

At last we'll quickly hop into a game (or you stream it) where you will play your role, trying to use the things you just learned earlier.

120 Minutes:

As in the shorter lesson we discuss runes, masteries and picks.

We then play together where you will try to use what you just learned.

After the game is done, we watch the replay together on my stream and discuss your actions. 

If there's more time left we'll go for another game.

180 Minutes or more:

We'll start off the same, discussing everything and then practice some key-matchups in  a 1vs1 scenario until we fixed your major issues.

We then play 2 games,  in one game I will play the role you want to learn, showing you exemplary plays and what to do and in the other game we swap and I will play another role.

We then watch both replays and compare what you did and what I did. Why X was good and why Z wasn't good. The goal behind this is to give you as much insight in my mind as possible, because if you understand what I do, you can do it yourself too!

List of Achievements

  • Winning multiple lans (actual money prizes)
  • Reaching Diamond 1 in solo queue

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