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About me

My name is Marco "Marcus2389" Fiore.

I'm a 26 years old Italian student, studying computer engineering at the university of Naples, the Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II.

I've been playing Company of Heroes since it came out and Company of Heroes 2 since the first alpha (Nov. 2012).

I started playing it alone, without anybody teaching me anything, but, with intensive training and after thousands of games played, I achieved a strong understanding of the game mechanics and I started getting better and better.

After so many years I think I reached the point where I can start teaching others how to play the game and for those who wish to get to the top level also how to master it. For these reasons I am happy to announce I am now a coach of Company of Heroes and Company of Heroes 2. If you wish to become a better player, understand all the game mechanics, climb the ladder and have good results during tourneys in Company of Heroes or/and Company of Heroes 2, you have found the right person!

In the first year of COH2 (2013) I have been consistently in the TOP 15 1vs1 ladder as Russians, but my tourney results showed that I was one of the best 1vs1 players around: in fact my best achievement in 2013 was reaching the 3rd place in the COH2 1vs1 World Championship, losing only to Aimstrong in the semifinals, the guy who won the World Championship and being myself undefeated till that moment.

In Company of Heroes 1 I was able to hold the 1st spot in 2vs2 ranked as Americans for almost 3 years, having also very good stats with all the factions in both 1vs1 and 2vs2 ranked and AT (with selected teammates instead of random ones).

In 2014 I focused more on working with Relic Entertainment, the software house that made the game, to improve Company of Heroes 2 as whole and to design the later released Observer Mode. I didn't abandon the game tho and these are the results I was able to achieve:

  • Winner of the ESL COH2 2vs2 Summer Cup 2014
  • 3rd spot in the ESL COH2 1vs1 Summer Cup 2014
  • 1st Position in the 2vs2 Allies Ladder with Jesulin with 59-0 stats (August 2014)

"Why should I choose you?"

- Fluent English : there will be no communication problem since I speak English fluently, included all COH2 specific words.

- Availability : I'm available almost all the days of the week so if you book a lesson for a certain time, but you suddenly have a problem showing up, no problem, we will just postpone the lesson to another time that suits comfortable for both of us. Also, even if you don't see the availability for certain hours/days, just send me a message telling me when you want to do the lessons and we will organize it when it's better for both of us. (ensure to write me the exact day/hour of the lessons you would like to take from me)

Flexibility : I'm not strict concerning time, so if we're both aviable before the lesson starting time, we can also start earlier, and, even more important, I won't absolutely finish the lesson just because time expired if we're in the middle of an explanation and that extra time is cost-free.

- Game analysis : Outside our lessons, you can freely record your games and send them to me. I will try my best to watch as many games as I possibly can and we'll then discuss about your improvements in the next lesson.

- Satisfaction or your money back : I am an honest person and I really want my students to improve as players. For this reason I think that if I am doing my work the wrong way and you are not improving you should have the right to ask for your money back. I will do my best to ensure this will never be the case, but I also want to be sure that you feel you are 100% covered in any case.

Typical Lesson Plan

Each lesson is personalized to a students needs and wishes.

If you want to focus on a certain faction or gamemode I will teach you specifically about that, you just have to ask!

What I can teach you

While I want each student to be comfortable with his lesson plan, there are a few core points you will learn from me (some of the points are exclusively about COH2):

- Faction Analysis : Early/Mid/Late Game Strenghts and Weaknesses, Build Orders, Units Synergy;

- Micro : Units Positioning, abilities timing, covers use;

- Macro : tactical map and mini map control and vision, global vision on how the game is going, mind wars, prediction of upcoming units from the opponent and how to counter them, multitasking;

- Optimization : Doctrines (COH1), Commanders (COH2), Intel Bulletins (COH2);

- "True Sight" and "Cold Tech" : deep analysis of pro and contra and how to use them to your advantage (COH2);

- Pro Gamer Psychology : "Mens sana in corpore sano";

- How to prepare for a tourney : The physical and mental preparation for a tournament;

- Team Coaching and Leadership (for Team games) : How to carry your team mates to victory and how to be a good team leader;

How lessons will take place

Lessons will use a voip software like Skype, TeamSpeak or Ventrilo (I can also download others if needed).

We will speak Italian if you are from Italy, else I will always speak English with you.

Usually lessons will start with 10 minutes of discussion about the theory (that can go up to 20 minutes depending on your requests), where I'll explain you everything the lesson is about. After that we will either commentate a game you recently played and for which you need tips, or play together a couple of games to put in practice what you have just learned, in 1vs1 or in teamgames. 

I'd be glad if you tell me what you want the lesson to be about when booking a lesson, so I can prepare myself at best, in order to assure an high quality lesson.

And remember, each lesson is personalized to a students needs and wishes and it's organized into various steps, both including theory and practice parts.

You can find here my current COH2 stats:


And if you want you can check my Youtube channel for both Italian and English VODs:


Contact me if you wish to improve or have further questions.

Hope to see you soon.

GL & HF ;)

List of Achievements

  • Winner of the ESL COH2 2vs2 Summer Cup 2014
  • 3rd spot in the ESL COH2 1vs1 Summer Cup 2014
  • 1st Position in the 2vs2 Allies Ladder with Jesulin with 59-0 stats (August 2014)
  • 3rd place to Company of Heroes 2 1vs1 World Championships (hosted by TFN team)
  • 1st spot in Company of Heroes 2vs2 Americans ladder from 2009 to 2012

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